Three people playing jenga
Camping Leader talking to friends for an activity
People around a campfire talking at night time

About Us

We are wired to connect through storytelling, conversations, and the shared experience of being human. The problem, however, is that while modern technology has made it easier for us to maintain our "surface level" conversations, it has also helped us to drift even further away from the deeper and ancient experience of connecting around a campfire.

For any business, brand, or organization, the value of these campfire experiences are the powerful moments of team cohesion, trust, and connection they create. When we're immersed in nature and focused on the conversations, we are free to innovate, bring life to new ideas, and find collective solutions to our most challenging problems.

It's time to create global change that's driven by nature, fueled by purpose, and focused on improving the quality of our world's most precious and non-renewable resource: moments.